My board won’t switch on

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If there is no sound, lights or movement when you hold down the on button please try the following:

  • Make sure the battery is receiving charge.
  1. Plug the charger in to see if the light on the charging box goes from green to red.
  2. If the charger has a red light, leave for 10 mins and try to turn the board on again.
  3. If it works OK now, just put it back on charge for a full charge – until the red light turns to green.
  4. If the charger light stays green, try turning the board on while the charger is plugged in. This can often reset the circuits and the board will continue to work normally.
  5. If the board will turn on with the charger plugged in, but not without the charger plugged in, this it is likely the battery is faulty.

Please refer also to our article which outlines detailed charging procedures.

In the unlikely event that your board is brand new and unused and is showing no signs of life after checking the above points, we will arrange a free return and send out a new board once the original has arrived back with us. Please raise a support request HERE and we will respond as soon as possible.

If your board is used and has previously worked normally, please read the following:

  • Check that the on/off switch is connected properly inside the board.
  1. If there is no sign of life with the charger plugged in and the charger light stays green, then you could have a problem with the on/off switch. This could be as simple as the connector being dislodged from the main circuit inside the board. This can be checked / fixed very easily by removing the cover (6 screws) follow the lead from the back of the on/off switch and see if it is plugged into the white socket on the main circuit board.
  2. If the switch connections are all intact and checked and there is still no sign of life, the problem can only be related to 1 of three things. 1. Faulty battery (most likely) can be a general fault, or due to water damage 2. Faulty circuit board (if this is the case, it is often due to water damage). 3. Faulty on/off switch (unlikely)

If you have a faulty battery within the warranty period (1 year from purchase), you can choose to send the board back to us and we will fit a new battery and test for you (see our article on returning your board), or we can send you a replacement battery. Fitting a replacement battery is very simple and we have a video which shows the process – Click Here.

If your battery is out of warranty, please order a new battery from the website and fit according the to video mentioned previously. Alternatively if you want us to fit the battery out of warranty, there will be a charge for fitting and delivery costs for returning the board to you. We will quote for this on request.

If you think the battery is OK or have checked by installing a new battery and the board is still not working, the next most likely problem is that you have a faulty or damaged main circuit board. On rare occasions this can be faulty from new, but if used the problem is often due to water damage. If you have a faulty circuit board within the warranty period (1 year from purchase), you can choose to send the board back to us (see our article on returning your board), and we will test to see if it is due to damage in use (not covered by warranty) or if it is just a faulty circuit (covered under warranty). At that point we will let you know if there will be a cost or not. If the repair is covered under warranty, we will a new main circuit board, test and return to you. If the fault is due to user damage, we will provide a quote for the work required and you can decide how you would like us to proceed.

If you need further help, advice or need to return your board, please raise a support request HERE and we will respond as soon as possible.

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