My Board Won’t switch off

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If your board is not turning off, please read the following:

  • Is it possible that the board has become wet inside? If so it is likely that this is causing the problem.

It is possible that if you let the board dry out fully, it will continue to work normally. This will because the damp has created a short circuit internally and once dry the short circuit is no longer there. If this works, please ensure that the board is not ridden in wet conditions or through mud / standing water etc.

However, if the board has become wet inside, this can often cause damage to the circuits. If it is very wet, the damage can be extensive. If this is the case, the board will need to be returned to us for repair. Water damage is not covered by the warranty. Please see our returning your board section for more information about this process.

  • If it is not possible that the board has become wet, there are two possibilities. First you could try the standard re-set procedure as detailed below:
  1. Have the board switched off on a flat, level surface and keep both sides of the board level through the process (important).
  2. Press and hold the on button for around 5-10 seconds until there is a beep and the main lights start flashing, they should then start to flash in a different pattern or remain constant.
  3. Keep the board level and switched on for a further 10 seconds.
  4. Switch off and back on again & the board will start up normally. The reset is complete.

Once you have done this please test the board again carefully to see if this has resolved the problem.

If this does not work, it usually means that the main circuit board is defective and the board will need to be returned to us. We can fix this very quickly and get your board back to you within a few days.

In the unlikely event that your board is brand new and unused and is not switching off from fist use after checking the above points, we will arrange a free return and repair or send out a new board once the original has arrived back with us and been checked by our service team. Please raise a support request here and we will respond as soon as possible.

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