My board won’t balance properly

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For issues where the board behaves in an unexpected way, this can often be solved by performing a CPU reset. It’s very simple to do, so please try the following:

  1. Have the board switched off on a flat, level surface and keep both sides of the board level through the process (important).
  2. Press and hold the on button for around 5-10 seconds until there is a beep and the main lights start flashing, they should then start to flash in a different pattern or remain constant.
  3. Keep the board level and switched on for a further 10 seconds.
  4. Switch off and back on again & the board will start up normally. The reset is complete.

Once you have done this please test the board again carefully to see if this has resolved the problem.

If the problem still resists, please ensure that there are no obstacles in the wheel arches stopping the wheels turning freely. With the board switched off, turn the board upside down and push the wheels round with your hand to make sure both wheels are turning freely and both of a similar resistance. The wheels don’t spin for long on their own when pushed and will stop quite quickly, but they should be smooth and not jerky when you move them with your hand.

If after trying both solutions above, the problem persists, please raise a support request HERE and we will respond as soon as possible.

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