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If your board is a Bluetooth model, when you turn the board on you will hear a voice saying – “Your Bluetooth device is ready to pair”. We have a new supplier of our Bluetooth module and we are very happy with the overall quality. However, the announcement to say the board is ready to pair with your Bluetooth device, although in English as we requested, is in a strong German accent and can be difficult to understand.

When you turn the board on, the announcement says: “The Bluetooth device is ready to pair” Please ensure that your device has Bluetooth switched on and discoverable. You should then see either My Scooter or Yiyun Tech as an available device on your phone or tablet. Click to connect. You will then hear a further announcement saying: “The Bluetooth device is connected successfully”.

If you don not get this connection notification, please check your device is not connected to anything else via Bluetooth, switch Bluetooth off on your device and re-start the Fusion Board. Then re-enable Bluetooth on your device and it should connect successfully.

Bluetooth Notes:

When successfully connected, you should be able to play music through you device (phone or tablet) and hear it through the speaker on the board.

Although there are 2 x speaker grilles on the board there is actually only 1 speaker.

Volume – The initial announcements can seem quite loud. Unfortunately there is no way to reduce the volume of the announcements, but you can adjust the volume of the music once connected, using the volume button on your music device. To reduce the volume altogether, you can stick some tape over the speaker, but this will reduce the volume of announcement and music. It is not a very satisfactory solution but does work for some people.

Alternatively, you can disable the Bluetooth all together which would mean that you will no longer be able to play music through the Fusion Board. If you would like to do this, please contact the Technical Support team here for advice / instructions.

If you have other issues with your Bluetooth, please refer to our Bluetooth help article which can be found here.


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